Bridal Accessory Trends

The new trends in bridal accessories have recently caught our eye and now have our hearts. We’re so in love with the vintage-inspired pieces our designers are creating at the moment. Think, baubles that are timeless and effortlessly romantic. 

Designer Camilla Christine is taking vintage designs and adding a little bit of modern flare. Her Juliana necklace (below) is an art deco-inspired beauty that falls delicately down the back for a modern look. 

So many of Camilla Christine’s designs incorporate elements of eras past. Take a peek at some of the gorgeous accessories that make us week in the knees…

Another lovely trend right now are hair vines. Some of our favorites include those from designers Myra Callan from Twigs & Honey and Amanda Judge from Untamed Petals. Hair vines are a beautiful alternative to veils. They create a soft, ethereal look.

It’s the golden age for bridal sashes—a trend we’re seeing a lot of this year are hints of gold throughout these beaded beauties. Sashes not only cinch your waist but also personalize your gown. I love the way a bride lights up when we add one. 

From vintage-inspired pearly baubles to glistening golden jewels and gems we have so many beautiful pieces to add the perfect finishing touch to your dress!