What's In A Name...




Throughout life there are people we meet that teach us things that help us grow. Some lessons we learn are small while others can be life changing. I learned a lesson, from a woman who holds a very special place in my heart, that will last a lifetime. This sweet lady taught me to be kind and gracious, thoughtful and giving. She taught me to always put family first and to remember to stop and smell the roses. 

Grandma Luke as we called her, although her full name was Lucille, was the kind of grandmother storybooks are written about. She was caring, made the best…well, everything and was always singing sweet songs. As a young girl there were two things I knew for certain. One was that my grandma loved her family. A large family I should mention, complete with six children and a few dogs, one being Lady Montague of Park Avenue. Park Avenue was the street this sweet family called home. This small house became the gathering place for all holidays and weekly dinners. It was always filled with family, friends and laughter. I admired her ability to bring people together.  

The second thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to be just like Grandma Luke when I was older. I spent a lot of time with her on Park Avenue where pink roses traveled along the sides of their house, covering sections in beautiful blush murals. And as the roses grew, I grew too, both in age and in love with the craft my grandmother was so very talented at: sewing. 

She made many beautiful garments. Even some for my dolls which were without a doubt the best dressed toys in town. And while having custom couture for my Barbies may seem like it would be my favorite memory, what I loved the most were the Halloween costumes she made for me. Each year she pinned and stitched until she had masterfully created my costume. More often than not it was a character from the Wizard of Oz but nonetheless, I fell in love with the idea that she could create something that made me feel so special out of nothing.

She passed many years ago while I was still quite young but the impression she made upon my life will live forever. A grandmother is a blessing and I’m thankful to have had the special time with her that I did. Many years passed and it wasn’t until six years ago when I met my sweet boyfriend, Grant that I would be reminded of the bond I’d once had with my Grandma Luke. 

Grant’s grandmother, Rita was thoughtful and gracious, a wonderful cook and from the moment I met her I knew Grant had the sort of special relationship with her that I’d had with my grandma. Rita quickly welcomed me into the family and the small hole in my heart began to heal from the kind of love only a grandmother can give. 

It’s a small world (or maybe just a small town we lived in) but it was a pleasant surprise the day I found out that my grandparents not only knew, but were friends with Grants’. His grandparents even had videotapes of celebrations they’d had together. Watching those moments they’d spent together and seeing my grandma for the first time in over ten years seemed like a sweet little message from Heaven of my grandma saying “hi”.

God called Rita home all too soon a little over a year ago, before she had the chance to see the bridal store but I know she and my grandmother would have been so happy to see my dreams come true. 

Rita had a beautiful magnolia tree in her backyard, right outside of her kitchen window that I adored. Each spring dainty blush blossoms bloom. They serve as a beautiful reminder of the grace with which Rita and Lucille lived their lives and the pure beauty of a grandmother's love. Magnolia pays homage to the lovely ladies that have lead me to where I am today.