Stop & Smell The Magnolias

 Each morning as I turn my little golden key to unlock the doors to Magnolia I glance over at my wooden planters where delicate white blossoms and leafy green vines are nestled. These little beauties remind me each morning to enjoy the little things. 

This simple concept is important, especially for busy brides. There are so many wonderful memories to be created when planning a wedding. During your journey to wedded bliss I hope you’ll remember to enjoy each moment along the way. 

There’s something about weddings that’s simply captivating. Every few days when I have a few quiet moments, I notice mothers and their young daughters passing by. Often, the little girls run up to the door and press their sweet little noses against the glass to peek in. It warms my heart when they cry out in awe over the pretty dresses inside. From an early age we dream about this day, cherish it.

Many girls, myself included, have not only dreamt about their wedding day but also the perfect dress. However hard it may be though, I believe it's important to keep an open mind. For many brides the dress that turns out to be “the one” is a gown they never would have initially considered. 

One of my favorite moments is when a bride tries on a veil for the first time. It’s a truly magical experience for most. Even if you know you won’t be wearing one for your wedding, try one. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Then, when the moment comes and you say "yes" to the dress celebrate with your loved ones. Cheers to this happy time and breathe a sigh of relief because you’re one step closer to saying “I do”.

xo, Ashley


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