Theia Bridesmaids

Back when Magnolia Bridal was only a figment of my imagination, when I spent countless nights making inspiration boards, there were many decisions about the boutique that hadn’t yet been made. I hadn’t yet chosen the soft grey color for the walls or begun reupholstering the vintage teal settees for the bridesmaids space. Back when virtually hundreds of decisions had yet to be made, one thing I knew for certain was that I wanted to carry Theia bridal dresses. 

I fell in love with the collections I saw float down the runway each season. The first appointment I scheduled for market was with Theia! The sophisticated elegance each dress embodies is what drew me in. They design with unique fabrics like delicate Spanish tulle, velvety soft lace and they adorn dresses with unexpected details like tear-drop pearls. 

Early this Spring when Theia announced they were releasing a bridesmaids collection my heart skipped a beat. I knew the dresses they dreamt up to compliment their gorgeous bridal gowns were going to be stunning. 

I’m thrilled to officially announce that WE will be one of the first boutiques to carry Theia’s beautiful bridesmaids collection and it will be arriving very soon!

Here’s a sneak peek of a few of the styles we just can’t get enough of…

Be one of the first to wear this amazing collection. Give us a call at (630) 549-6726 to schedule an appointment.