Let Them Eat (Unique) Cake

I admit, I have a huge sweet tooth and while this is no secret to most, many may not know how much I enjoy being in the kitchen. I absolutely love to whip up all sorts of dishes, sweet and savory alike. Food has a remarkable ability to bring people together. Some of my favorite memories are of family dinners or simply cooking with the people I love. There are so many family recipes I hold close to my heart. Many of them have been passed down, generation to generation. 

While I love tradition, I also appreciate adding modern touches to classic dishes and sweets. I’m currently obsessed with modern wedding cakes. Here are a few inspiring trends for your special day:


The Waterfall cake

The Naked Cake

The Painted Cake

So many of these would make such sweet cakes for bridal showers too! Can you pick a favorite? I might have to taste each one to choose mine...



Photo Source: Pinterest