The Bride's Guide To Bridesmaids Trends

Just like bridal trends, bridesmaid trends are always changing and we know that it can be overwhelming to keep up with them! Well fret no more because we're going to share our all-time favorite trend and show you how to effortlessly achieve this lovely look multiple ways!

Our most-loved bridesmaid trend is mix and match. This can be done numerous ways and while it may seem intimidating, it's actually a great way to ensure each of your maids feels comfortable on your wedding day! Choosing a variety of gowns allows each person to have a style and color that is uniquely flattering to them!

The easiest way to achieve this trend is by simply mixing different shades of one color. Think of an ombre. This is when colors start at one end of the spectrum and gradually get darker or lighter. This creates a soft, romantic look that we love!

Next, let's mix colors. Start by choosing two or three colors you love, then simply add in a few neutral shades to help blend the overall look together. A helpful tip is to use the colors you've chosen throughout all of your bouquets. This ensures a cohesive look. Choosing all jewel tones or pastel hues is something to consider as well. Having colors with similar hues is sure to give everything a seamless look. 

For all of you glamour goddesses out there mixing sequins or beading will be right up your ally. This is fairly simple. First, choose whether you want sequins or beading. Next, decide if you'd like all your girls in one tone or various colors. Then simply let your maids choose the shade or color they feel most comfortable in. 

Now let's mix a bit of everything. Start off by selecting a color palette. Begin by mixing shades or colors. Then let each girl choose a style that suits her. Next select two or three maids to wear sequined gowns or patterned frocks. Ensure that these additions match in tone so the look is cohesive. This particular style of mixing and matching is easiest with a trusted consultant. We have a variety of gowns we love pairing together and are more than happy to help create the perfect collection of bridesmaids dresses for your girls!

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Pictures from: Donna Morgan Blog, Jenny Yoo and Deer Pearl Flowers